Young Person’s Guide to Privacy

At Boom Cymru, we take our obligations to protect and respect the privacy of everyone, including young people under the age of 18, really seriously.

What info might we collect and why?
We ask for your personal info, such as your name, age and contact details, and sometimes details about your life, for a whole bunch of reasons. We might use it to check you are who you say you are. Or it might be that you have a great personal story we’d like you to share with the people who make our programmes. We may sometimes look at your social media pages. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that we have a strict ‘no sharing personal info without telling you’ policy.

How do we use it?
Sometimes, we may do a welfare check maybe by talking to your school or ask you more about what you’ve told us.
This is because we want to make sure our shows are great, whilst making sure that appearing on one of our shows won’t be a bad experience for you – not because we’re really nosy!

Things to think about
Before you share any of your personal stuff with us, here are examples of a few things you should think about.
• Many of our programmes are repeated, so it’s likely that we’ll hang on to anything you share with us for a number of years. You might feel differently about what info you want to share publicly when you are older.
• We may also sell a programme you feature in so it can be shown anywhere in the world.

What can you do if you’re unhappy
If you’re not happy with the way your personal info has been used there are several things you can do, such as asking us:
• what personal info we have about you
• to correct mistakes
• to get rid of your personal information

Where possible, we’ll put things right.
You can contact us regarding your rights using our details below.

Getting in touch
Our contact details are below if you want to speak with us.

We’ve given your parent a notice with all the details on when and why we collect your personal info, how we use it and so on.

We’ll trust that your parent or guardian will explain further. So, make sure they read all the ins and outs on your behalf. But feel free to read it yourself or speak with us too!

Feel free to get in touch or ask us questions at any time by email, phone (02922 450 000) or by writing to us at GDPR, Gloworks, Ffordd Porth Teigr, Cardiff. CF10 4GA


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